A fantastic opportunity for an investment with a return of over 4%!


This commercial building is located in a prime location of Paphos at one of the most busiest roads in the heart of Paphos, with a number of shops, private & governmental offices… cafeterias, restaurants, take away food, bakeries, clothes shops, e.t.c. 


It consists of:


Basement:          320 m²

Ground floor:      300 m²

Middle floor:        150 m²

1st floor:               300 m²

2nd floor:              300 m²


Total                    1370 m² CLEAR


It is fully occupied except one office.


RENT (following a recent reduction):


1.   Government’s offices                              €1.450

 (Basement & 1st floor), as from 1999

2.   Pharmacy, as from 1999                         €1.065

3.   Premier School                                         €   450

4.   Photographic Studio                                €   450

5.   Motorparts Accessories                           €   350


Total                                                               €3.765 p/month


6.   Available on the 2nd floor 140 m² of office space.

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